your Vision, your Life

Like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two Artisan Built homes are alike. How could they be? They are made for each client, for each individual lifestyle. The more bespoke, the better. Artisan Built works with each client personally to craft a home indicative of their needs and the dictates of the environment. A home should express the identity of the inhabitants as well as sit in harmony with nature. It is this natural beauty of Lake Oconee and the surrounding foothills and woodlands that draw people from all over. To embrace this environment is a vision Artisan Built shares with its clients. Artisan Built will construct your vision, for your life.

Getting Started

The Artisan Built process begins with evaluating and comparing home plans with the client. Artisan Built will guide you through decision making to maximize views, setting, street appeal, and the overall aesthetics of your project. Our expertise is geared towards making easier the often daunting tasks of soil testing, engineering site evaluations, erosion control plans, permits, and the architectural review board process (if required).

We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and show you why Artisan Built is the right builder for your next custom home or remodeling project.

*References available upon request


Cost Estimation & Management

Based on in-depth interviews with the clients, Artisan Built generates a realistic, fact-based, and accurate cost analysis. With open communication, Artisan Built will evaluate the relationship between expectations, value, and cost to produce a viable and accurate budget. This budget will be within a very small margin of error, usually +/- 3% to 5%, and build the most value into the home given the funds expended.

Throughout the project, tracking costs will be accurate by comparing initial forecasts to the actual real-time budget. This enhances your ability to re-prioritize your appropriation of funds to meet evolving objectives. The Artisan Built policy of budget tracking, timely invoicing, and "open-book" accounting virtually eliminates customer worries about cost overruns. With Artisan Built there is never a surprise expense at the end of the project.